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Board Development

Our Philosophy

The heart and soul of any organization is its Board of Directors. Every minute invested in building a stronger Board will pay off by significantly strengthening the organization.. Yet few Board members are familiar with all the legal and fiduciary responsibilities that come with service on a Board. Nor do they usually understand the relationship between board membership and fundraising.
Board members frequently react negatively to staff members' suggestions about board responsibilities. Saterbak & Associates can help build your board through one or a series of Board workshops to strengthen their skills in such areas as management versus governance, the relationship between the board and the executive director, and the Board's role in fundraising, public relations and program development.
We can assist you and your board in developing and adopting meaningful Board job descriptions. We can help them to identify ways in which they can work together to strengthen your organization's ability to serve the community of which you are a part. We can help you work with your board to provide the kind of input the staff needs without becoming involved in the day-to-day operations of the organization.
A strong board results in a strong organization. Developing criteria for board membership will attract the kind of board members that will continue to move the organization forward.